Shruti Hassan admits once again getting a nose job

Actresses or Actors maintain secrecy about the surgeries they undergo. But Shruti Hassan is one daring actress who has no qualms in admitting what she underwent. Speaking to an English daily promoting her film Yaara, that released on Zee5 the other day, the actresses have opened upon various things.

Shruti Hassan talked about the much-debated nepotism. She said that her surname has surely brought her offers at the start of her career. “I am in the industry for 11 years and is continuing strong which means that I have what it takes to sustain in this field. Nepotism can bring you offers at the start but you have proved yourself, otherwise, that will be your end card here.”

She has also spoken about her much talked nose job surgery. “I have admitted in the past and I am doing it now. It’s purely a personal choice. I didn’t like the way it looked. At that time my nose was broken” admitted the actress. Shruti Hassan has two projects, Krack and Vakeel Saab in her kitty.

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