Shraddha dragged into Anasuya’s issue

Anasuya Bharadwaj has made quite the name for herself in Tollywood as an anchor and as an actress as well, having impressed the audience with her performance in films like Rangasthalam and others.

She was badly trolled very recently after she made a set of comments against Vijay Deverakonda’s film Liger and its performance at the box office. Netizens started trolling her, calling her aunty, which was trending massively on Twitter. Anasuya tackled the mess, saying that she would be lodging complaints against everyone who’s trolling her and age-shaming her. Actress Shraddha Das came in support of Anasuya, putting herself in the middle of the fire.

As a result, Shraddha has been dragged into the whole issue, with Shraddha now being trolled as well. She has, however, said that none of the trolls would matter to her as she would simply block and delete any derogatory tweets to her.

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