Should biggies clash after pandemic?

India is facing tough times with Corona virus spreading all over the country faster than ever during the second wave and the mortality rate has been higher too. People are unable to resume their lives in usual fashion due to the scary nature of this pandemic.

But we have to look beyond these tough times and think about survival than losing hope altogether. Once the cases drop and people get vaccinated, the third wave shouldn’t be as devastating as the second one. The theatres will eventually open and people will return to theatres.

Well, during that time, when things take time to go back to normal, we need film industry to wise up and run the show better than what they have done till date. You don’t want to see random releases without any communication or planning, co-ordination between the big releases and other films.

Films that plan for OTT release should not have a problem but those that aim for theatrical should plan ahead and give at least two week gap between the big releases. It would be ideal for medium range and small budget films to go for simultaneous release on OTT to gather more viewers attention than just depend on theatrical revenue.

Biggies need theatrical revenue and they can revive the failing market too. So, rather than watching Pawan Kalyan movie like Harahara Veera Mallu clashing with Prabhas movie Salaar or Mahesh Babu’s movie Sarkaru Vaari Paata, or Allu Arjun’s Pushpa it would be ideal to see each one of them giving the other room to breathe for few weeks and then release.

People haven’t watched big stars on screen for two years and by the time these films release, it could be much longer too. So, every film will have a big opening guaranteed as viewers of Telugu Cinema would wish to queue up to see their stars on large screen again. So, we hope producers and actors team up and decide on release dates than everyone announcing dates in haste. It is time for Industry to get united and re-establish. Don’t you think so too?

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