You might have seen many horror comedies and even the hero of this movie, Raghava Lawrence is also known for making his own horror comedy franchise. Trying to work on his popularity in doing horror comedies, P. Vasu, who converted into a director of horror films post Chandramukhi, tries yet again to score a hit with another horror comedy. Shivalinga marks for a good enough entertainer or does it fizzles out like his previous films? Let’s know more about it

Plot : Shivalingeshwara (Raghava Lawrence) is CBCID officer who investigates tough cases. He is asked to investigate a case that has been declared as suicide. Well, when we dive into the details of the case, Raheem (Shakti), a Muslim cook is pushed from the train but authorities believe it as a suicide due to lack of proper evidence. On insistence of his would-be(Madhuvathi Arun). Shivalinga due to her mother’s (Urvashi) insistence gets married to Satya (Rithika). For investigation, they move to Warangal from Hyderabad. They live at a bungalow constructed beside cemetery. Every night a new kind of horror unfolds in front of Satya and she starts acting weird. One night, Shiva gets to know that Raheem possessed his wife and he insists on not leaving her until Shiva completes his case. How can Shiva save his wife and find the perpetrators? Watch it on screen..

Performances : Raghava Lawrence as a CBCID officer looks awkward in his body language but manages to pull off with his positive energy. He is good in the scenes where he needs to be energetic and dances. Well, it can be rated has his one of the better performances.

Rithika Singh is good in parts but fails in scenes that require her to express agony and pain. As far as her recent performances after National Award winning performance in Irudhi Suttru are concerned this is much better than many. Shakti gets a good role and a song as well but he doesn’t make equal impact on audience like leads. Radharavi, Bhanupriya, Madhuvathi, Jayaprakash, Urvashi and Vadivelu make an impact after long.

Technicalities : Suresh Urs editing is good for the movie as he never lets his cuts impact the narrative. In fact the pace in the screenplay and emotions are well maintained by him on execution as well. Sarvesh Murari’s camera work should be said as a highlight for the movie. It makes for brilliant visuals and even clumsy graphics look better with his lighting schemes. His technically strong work makes up for any lapses in scripting with strong visuals.

S.S. Thaman gives one or two popular tunes for the audio and his BGM helps the movie to maintain a suspense at least till the pre-climax episode. Sound designer was not given complete payment or was given an instruction to keep it loud really loud. Sound irritates you when it crosses certain decibels. Designers and engineers should understand the difference between maintaining sound quality and increasing the volume in balance mixer.

P.Vasu as an experienced filmmaker understands how to construct a suspense thriller and maintains it till the pre-climax. But he somehow lacks in developing a character for his important characters and keeps fluctuating between well constructed sequences and contrived clichéd thrills that you can see half way down the screenplay. His knowledge and experience saves the movie from being a disaster to enjoyable one.

Analysis : This movie promises to be a senseless entertainer that tries to evoke an emotion for the moment. It stands on its promise and delivers to some extent. The suspense in the movie builds up interest as we go towards the climax but fails in the last moment. However, the movie marks for good entertaining one time viewing.

Rating : 2/5

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