Shikaaru Movie Review and Rating!

Noted actress Sai Dhansika starrer Shikaaru under the direction of Hari Kolagani has hit the silver screens today. Let’s check how it fares.

Story: The film opens with friendship-related episodes between four college thick friends. Unexpectedly, one among the friends’ gang named Bobby crosses paths with a married woman Devika( Sai Dhansika ). Instantly, Bobby gets connected to her and eventually friendship blooms between them. One fine day, Devika asks Bobby to visit her house as her husband who is a cop goes for a night shift. Soon after Bobby reaches Devika’s house, her husband comes back from work. The rest of the storyline revolves around how Devika hides Bobby from her husband? What kind of hurdles will Devika face in the process, forms the rest of the tale.

Performances: Talented actress Sai Dhansika is impressive with her acting as a housewife who has many desires in life. Her performance during the second half proceedings brings depth to the proceedings to an extent.

The four guys who are seen as college students have a decent screen presence. Acting-wise, four of them gave a good performance in the key roles.

Artists such as Posani Krishna Murali, Jabardasth fame Chamak Chandra evoke decent fun at parts. Actor Kishore gets a purposeful role and the talented actor impresses with his performance during the climax portions.

Technicalities: Music by Sekhar Chandra is okay but would have to be even better. Compared to previous works, the music composer mark work sounding is missing in the movie.

The photography work by Vasili Shyam Prasad’s okay as he used appropriate framing and lighting setup to shoot the night effect sequences.

While the editing work by Venkateshwara Rao S is okay, writing from Vishwa Karun lacks solid impact. Production values for this limited-budget film are okay.

Analysis: The base idea of Hari Kolagani to explore the hidden desires in a married woman is good and tried to showcase the problems being faced by the woman who is awaiting love and caring from husbands. Though Hari Kolagani’s idea is appreciatable, his narrative lacks a solid punch.

Considering the genre, Shikaaru has full scope to insert good fun elements into the proceedings but sadly the director ignored to add a good dose of entertaining elements in the plotline. To summerize, Shikaaru is a failed attempt by the team. The film has nothing except for a few outdated jokes and silly proceedings.

Verdict: Fun-coated drama!

Rating: 2.25/5