Shankar’s strong reply to Anniyan producer’s allegations

Top director Shankar has landed in yet another legal conflict. Today, Aascar Ravi Chandran who worked with Shankar for a couple of films alleged that Shankar is making Anniyan remake without his consent. For the unversed, it can be noted that Shankar has announced a Hindi adaptation for Anniyan (Aparichitudu in Telugu) with Ranveer Singh in the lead role. Pen Studios is going to produce the movie.

Aascar Ravichandran alleged that the story rights are with him and he bought it from writer Late. Sujatha. He is going to file a case against Shankar.

However, the director is quick to give a strong reply. He has said that Anniyan’s story was written by me but not Sujatha. One can see the same in the film credits as well. Shankar has also said that he can use the story however he wants and in turn, Aascar Ravichandran shouldn’t use the story by any means.