Shakeela’s biopic to have changes

News about Shakeela’ life being made into a biopic has been in the news since a long time. Richa Chadda is playing the lead role in the film and it is being directed by Indrajith Lankesh.

Shakeela’s life has been shady and being a B grade actress, Shakeela has received a lot of flak from the society. As per the latest updates, director Indrajith is said to keep the story in two versions. While the Indian version is said to have all the commercial aspects we would be having, some commercial aspects as per our nativity, the International version is going to have a lot of changes when compared to what is ours.

Looks like the director wants to make the film as an award winning film in the international version and that’s what he’s aiming at. The film is said to be releasing in India in August. Made in Hindi, the film will be dubbed into Telugu and Malayalam and release later.