Senapathi Web Film Review and Rating!

Exclusive Telugu content providing digital platform Aha is back with a web film titled, Senapathi. The film marks the OTT debut for senior actor Rajendra Prasad and is out for streaming from today onwards. Let’s analyse it.

Story: The film opens with the introduction of an honest and sincere cop Krishna( Naresh Agastya). As per the orders from the higher officials, Krishna starts chasing a most wanted criminal. This is the time, Krishna losses his service revolver which leads to the disclosure of a series of crimes. Who stole Krishna’s service gun? How is a fifty-plus year’s aged man named Krishna Murthy’s (Rajendra Prasad) character interlinked with the entire setup? Forms the main USB of the film.

Performances: Young actor, Naresh Agastya’s performance adds realistic flavour to the film. His settled acting as an honest cop breathes life to the initial scenes of the movie.

Actress Gnaneswari did a fine job as a journalist. Her performance during a few crucial scenes brings authentic texture to the proceedings. Harshavardhan as investigating officer is good. Other artists like Pavani Reddy, Rakendu Mouli, Josh Ravi among others are decent in their extended cameo roles.

Last but not least, Rajendra Prasad shines well and did his multi-shaded character quite convincingly. The senior actor did a commendable job in all the shades and pulled off the given role amazingly.

Technicalities: The cinematography work is good as it brings quality texture to the film. While editing is crisp, technically the movie is made on good standards. The background score is quite engaging and makes the audience involved in the film’s mood.

Production values are rich and so is the case with the design and premise created for the film.

Analysis: Not many are aware that Senapathi is an official remake of the 2017 Tamil film, 8 Thottakal. Noted director Pavan Sadineni directs the Telugu version.

Compared to the original version, though Pavan chopped off the unnecessary romantic track between the lead pair, he failed to carry the mood throughout the film. After a decent first half, the narration in the latter half struggles with a few loopholes in establishing Rajendra Prasad’s flashback episodes in an effective manner.

To summerize, Senapathi is a decent crime thriller that revolves around a series of crime murders. Though the first half of the film has a few engaging moments, the film losses its momentum in the initial episodes of the second half with some slow-paced and flat proceedings but picks pace later ends as a satisfactory watch. All we suggest is to watch the film by ignoring a few illogical scenes in the narrative.

Verdict: Watchable crime thriller!

Rating: 2.5/5