Selected special permissions granted for RRR

RRR is a big movie, featuring top stars, made on a massive budget. The movie is directed by SS Rajamouli, whose films the Indian film industry looks forward to watching. Due to the sheer magnitude of the film, the makers managed to get special permissions from both the Telugu states, in terms of ticket price hikes. The fact that the makers got special permissions from the Andhra Pradesh government is itself saying a lot.

The Telangana government too agreed to five shows a day for the film. Now, with the film about to release within a matter of a few hours, the government has granted only selected permissions for midnight or early shows, in only five theatres in Hyderabad. As per the distributor, it will be 5 Shows per day, starting from 7 AM tomorrow. The main reason for this is being stated as the backlash that the makers and the government have been receiving, with respect to the ticket prices, which have seen an all-time high, with the film.

On the other hand, despite the ticket prices, the pre-bookings for the film have been very high, with the premier shows for RRR even beating the record set by Baahubali 2 in the USA.

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