SC/ST atrocity case on lyricist Jonnavitthula

Jonnavitthula Ramalingeswara Rao talked on his youtube channel about social distancing and he wrote a poem about Covid-19 as well. He made comments about how social distancing was observed from long back in India. This made Batthula Ram Prasad, Mala Welfare Association lodge a complaint on the lyricist saying that he finds it extremely offensive and statements are in favour of untouchability observed in past.

The writer did not give any explanation about it and police examined the footage. They finally lodged the complaint against the lyricist on the grounds of SC/ST atrocity and defaming a community. Well, this lands the lyricist in big trouble and he might have to even go to jail if he is found guilty and his comments are determined as hate-mongering towards a community.

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