The movie which was directed by Pawan Sadineni is a complete family entertainer according to the movie makers. However, the story of the movie had not yet revealed a bit from the movie makers.

Story :

Savitri is a Drama, Family, and Romantic entertainer written and directed by Pavan Sadineni. Savitri is about a young woman who day dreams. She refuses to live by the rules. The other women in her life are concerned with her. They ask her to behave in a proper way. She finds a man who kinds of understand her, but she fights with him too. This girl is not like other girls. But people who know her understand that even though she is a little bit immature, she is still a very sweet girl, who is full of love. Her lover is also ale not an ordinary man and he too is a character like his lady love.

Nanditha Raj and Nara Rohit are playing the two leads in Savitri. The film also has a strong supporting cast. Murali Sharma is playing the bad guy. 28 year old Pavan Sadineni directed Savitri. He is a new age director. He wanted to give the movie a fresh look. It is rare to see a woman playing the protagonist role in a mainstream Telugu movie. Nara Rohit is also playing an important character, but Nanditha character is more important to the plot. Nara Rohit is playing the role of catalyst here, he takes the story forward.

Savitri is looking interesting and it is an experimental film. But this movie will need to fight it out with Oopiri and that will not be easy. Savitri is a good movie for the female audience. The movie is expected to receive a decent opening and then, how well the movie will do will depend on, the words of mouth publicity.

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