Sarkar is the new film from Actor Vijay and Director AR Murugadoss combination. They gave films like Thuppakki, Kaththi. Vijay has been pushing his political agenda through his films lately. This time, he is directly making a political statement. Let’s discuss how it shaped up …

Plot : CEO of GL Corporation, Sundar Ramaswamy (Vijay) is a most feared and most shrewd Corporate person. He is known for absorbing companies for fun and taking out the jobs of thousands without much reason but ego. When such a person decides to visit India, everyone is worried but then he says he came for casting his vote.

In a twist, his vote is cast by someone else and the Corporate Criminal as he fondly calls himself decides to only leave after casting his vote. He brings Election Law 49P to lime light. What is it? Why should it be known by voters? How will politicians react for his action? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances : Vijay has a likeable screen presence and he knows how to lighten up the screen with his own charm. But in this role he seemed to be exaggerating his own gestures for the sake of style and fan frenzy. He did put in his best efforts but one feels he is much better than this.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar comes up with a good portrayal but her character doesn’t really have enough meat for us to feel the chills. Keerthy Suresh is wasted. All others including Radha Ravi, Tulasi are adequate.

Technicalities : Girish Gangadharan showed his knack in presenting rich visuals but he did not use much of his techniques to bring out the story or characters in a unique way.

Sreekar Prasad as an editor seems to have just attached the scenes together rather than concentrating on length and interest factors.

AR Rahman did not give songs much thought. He just composed some sounds and they became tunes. But his BGM is very good in the film asusual.

AR Murugadoss just couldn’t bring in simple logics that don’t make a larger than life film seem outlandish. Once you decide to take a social subject and a problem that is burning in the state, you need grounded characters and organic plot development than just only “can happen in films”, kind of sequences.

However fantasy and fiction our story might be, we cannot just make an assumption that films are made for the sake of it without really giving any onus to explaining the situations logically. Murugadoss seems to be connecting to social problems and has ideas that can become solutions but his storytelling is getting terrible by each film.

Analysis : Political dramas are naturally too Idealistic as the real world drama disgusts us. But when you see a director like AR Murugadoss behind the movie, you expect the movie to have simple logics and basic premise right. You expect the commercial moments to be earned but not forced. But here Murugadoss fails to introduce normal logic and emotional connection.

He tries to showcase the real incidents and takes so many commercial liberties that we feel he is half-focussed while making the movie. He just doesn’t seem to be in the form or in the right state of mind while making the movie. We just feel the disconnect right from the first frame and the last frame seems to be an ode to Vijay’s aspirations than story. If he does want a political launch vehicle kind of a film, Vijay needs someone who understands his ideology better and not just looks to give him situations to give speeches.

Rating : 2/5