Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review and Ratings

The day which we were all waiting for is finally here. Pawan Kalyan’s big budget film, Sardaar Gabbar Singh has hit the screens with a lot of pre-release buzz today. Let’s see whether it lives up to its expectations or not.

Story: Princess Arshi’s (Kajal Aggarwal) life is complicated. On one hand she is desperately trying to save her ‘samsthanam’ which is almost crumbling because of money woes while she wants to serve her people. The selfish and money minded Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar) who craves for power also lusts for her despite being married. She falls in love with the eccentric cop Gappar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) who clears her problems one by one.

Analysis: Telugu films are generally rehashes of several other films. But the audience hasn’t been complaining as far as you manage to entertain them with that fare. Even Sardaar Gabbar Singh could have managed the same even with the predictability quotient. But then, the film comes across as a huge disappointment courtesy the lazy filmmaking style and a boring and haphazard screenplay. The film begins on a dull note. But eventually picks up pace as we are introduced to each character and taken into their story. And when we become hopeful that the second half will make a difference, you are in for a shock because the second half is a major setback. The film suffers from a badly written screenplay and mediocre editing making the film seem like a patchwork! The film is full of guns and horses. Pawan Kalyan is hardly seen without either of them and at times it feels he has gone overboard!

Performances: The film is purely a one man show of Pawan Kalyan who gives his best. However, this isn’t his most energetic performance. Kajal looks beautiful and adds the much needed spark to the film. Sharad Kelkar makes a stellar debut into Tollywood. Sanjjana, Kabir and others are value additions.

Verdict: The film may not be Pawan Kalyan’s worst ever. But it’s definitely not amongst his better films. He has an interesting story but failed to narrate it successful. A big disappointment from PK who has been on a successful streak ever since the release of this film’s prequel Gabbar Singh! How ironic!Sardaar Gabbar Singh Ratings