Sankranthi war already begins on Twitter

Sankranthi is a month away, and the movies that are scheduled to release for Sankranthi are one month away, meaning that fan wars and box office wars and comparisons are one month away. However, fan wars already seem to have begun on Twitter, with fans of RRR and Bheemla Nayak fighting it on Twitter already.

Those who are awaiting the release of RRR, namely fans of NTR and Ram Charan, are trending the hashtag #RRRFestInOneMonth, while fans awaiting the release of Bheemla Nayak are trending the hashtag #BHEEMLANAYAKon12thJAN. Until today, there has been slight confusion over whether or not Pawan Kalyan’s Bheemla Nayak would be released on January 12th or not, given that Rajamouli was keen on getting the film postponed.

However, it is now officially confirmed that Bheemla Nayak would be arriving on January 12th as per schedule. On the other hand, Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam is scheduled to release on January 14th along with these two films. There are huge expectations on all the three films, and Sankranthi 2022 is going to be the biggest festival since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

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