Sandeep Reddy following the path of big directors

Until a few years ago, directors used to take home a good remuneration, and depending upon the success of their film, their remuneration would change. In recent times, things have changed drastically, with the exposure of films to wider markets, thus increasing the budgets of every film, and the way directors are paid.

While young directors and upcoming directors are still paid in the form of remunerations, big and star directors are now resorting to taking home a good share in the profits of their films. Several top directors have been following this trend for quite some time now, and a few other directors are now following this trend.

It is already known that director Sandeep Reddy Vanga would be directing Prabhas in his 25th film. The film, titled Spirit, has also been announced recently. Expected to be made on a budget of Rs. 400 Crores, Prabhas’s remuneration is itself said to be 150 Crores. On the other hand, Sandeep is said to be not taking home any remuneration, but instead, is said to have chosen to take home 50% of the profits. The producers of the film are said to have agreed upon this as well. Prabhas and Sandeep are expected to start the film after Prabhas is done with his current commitments.

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