Sandeep Reddy and Ranbir film back in business?

Arjun Reddy film director, Sandeep Reddy might have not imagined the massive success of Hindi version, Kabir Singh. The movie made him an overnight sensation in the B-Town and the backlash from some sectors of media was high on him with some femi-nazi activists, taking objection to the film. The director promised that he will show the real cruelty in his next film and all that he did was passionate romance which those sectors have called “cruel”, “misogyny”, “harmful”, “toxic masculinity”.

But his resolution translated poorly in his interviews and his talks with Ranbir Kapoor for an action film, failed. He did narrate it to other actors but they too did not show much interest. Prabhas wanted to go with Nag Ashwin’s proposal than Sandeep Reddy’s, as per the sources. Now, Sandeep is back to talks with Ranbir Kapoor, it seems. There could be changes to script and some deliberation about the kind of message it will deliver and the tone of the film. If Ranbir is ready to get on-board, movie will start from second half of 2021, it seems.

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