Sammathame Trailer: The quest for unconditional love

The trailer of Kiran Abbavaram’s upcoming film, Sammathame, has been released today. Chandini Chowdary is the leading lady of the film, which is directed by Gopinath Reddy, who is making his directorial debut with the film. The film is set to be released in theatres on June 24th.

The trailer of Sammathame shows our lead’s quest for unconditional love, and how he happens to meet the leading lady. There on, we get a glimpse into how the love story between the two plays out, and what happens between the two. The film’s story revolves around the leading man, who has been deprived of the love of a woman right from his birth due to the passing of his mother, and how much he yearns for the love of a woman.

Sammathame looks like an out and out heartfelt love story, with Kiran and Chandini perfectly fitting their bills. There’s a good buzz going around Sammathame, and it is now to be seen how the film will turn out to be.