Samantha announces Yashoda teaser release date

Samantha has been someone’s who’s always been active on social media, letting fans know what is going on in her life, and she never shied away from answering or facing any sort of hurdles in life, even when it came to openly talking about them on social media. With that being said, the actress has been missing on social media for the past few weeks, as she is said to be taking a break from social media and concentrating on her work.

After quite some time, the actress took to social media today to announce the teaser release date of her upcoming film Yashoda. The movie is directed by the duo Hari-Harish and features Unni Mukundan and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar alongside Samantha. The teaser of the film is all set to be released at 5:49 PM on September 9th, as announced by Samantha.

The announcement came along with an accompanying poster, in which one can see Sam in a hoodie and a shirt, looking serious and injured. Apart from Yashoda, Sam also has Shaakuntalam, Kushi and Citadel in the pipeline.

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