Salman’s Radhe: A tight slap to filmmaking?

The whole of Indian Cinema is currently going through a renaissance, where the audiences are rejecting mindless action dramas and are craving plot-driven scripts that offer them good content value for their money. There have been several films in the recent past that haven’t worked well with the audiences due to this very reason.

However, the recently released Radhe is a fine example of mindless action films doing good business. Yes, Radhe has been panned by critics and audiences alike, with everyone calling out the senseless script and writing of the film. While audiences appreciated the action sequences at places, they called out the physics and logic-defying stunts that Salman was involved in at many places in the film.

Despite audiences and critics pulling the film apart, Radhe turned out to be successful commercially, with the film turning out to be a profitable one for Zee Plex. On the very first day of its release, Radhe got more than 4.2 million views and continues to enjoy a successful run. With the kind of success that Radhe is now witnessing, it is hard to say if the film attracted the audience for its logic-defying attitude or if it proves that mindless action films are still very much in demand. One thing is for certain, mindless action films, headed by star heroes, will continue to be box office successes, no matter how bad they are, as people either watch them to tear them apart or genuinely are interested in watching them.

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