Sai Pallavi did not like Teja’s script?

Director Teja is looking to cast a big heroine for his film with Gopichand. The director could not repeat success of Nene Raju Nene Mantri with Seetha. Even though Kajal Aggarwal is interested to work in the film, she has manh prior commitments that will delay this project. Hence, he approached Sai Pallavi, it seems. The young actress listened to the idea and asked for a script but then backed out, it seems. She very respectfully said to Teja that she cannot be a part of the film.

The actress did not like the script by Teja or did she just did not want to work on it, we don’t know. The director did ask Anushka Shetty about joining the film cast but he did not get any answer from her, it seems. Anushka did not act with Gopichand after rumours about them became headlines for tabloids. Will she accept the role, we can’t say too.

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