S R Kalyanamandapam Movie Review and Rating.!

Raja Vaaru Rani Garu fame Kiran Abbavaram is back with his second film, SR Kalyanamandapam. While a debutant named Sridhar Gade directed the movie, Kiran himself provide story and dialogues for the film which had its theatrical release today. Let’s see how it goes.

Story: Set in Rayachoti town of Kadapa district, the film mainly revolves around a father-son relationship. Due to the ego clashes, Kalyan( Kiran) and his father Dharma( Sai Kumar) won’t speak to each other for ten years. How is a wedding venue named SR Kalyanamandapam is responsible for the disturbance between the father and son? What kind of circumstances will help for the reunion of the father-son? To know that, you have to catch the film at your nearest theatres.

Performances: Although the film is Kiran’s second movie, he showed good variation compared to the first film. Be it his dialogue delivery in the typical Rayalaseema accent to acting in emotional and youthful scenes, Kiran tried to do justice to the character.

Senior actor Sai Kumar literally lived in his role which has multiple shades in it. The emotional episodes between the father and son in the latter half of the film are executed neatly.

Heroine Priyanka Jawalkar’s role has a limited impact but her love track with Kiran will be liked by the youth audience. Actress Tulasi as the hero’s mother and other supporting artists like Srikanth Iyengar and the hero’s friends’ gang are okay in their roles.

Technicalities: Music by Chaitan Bharadwaj is the biggest plus for the film. Apart from composing superhit songs, Chaitan even gave a quality background score which elevated a few key scenes nicely.

The cinematography by Daniel Viswas is good as he captured the natural locations in and around Rayachoti town with his lens. Editing work is not up to mark as the film could have been trimmed close to ten minutes in the first half.

Production values for this limited budget film are adequate.

Analysis: Though Kiran Annavaram’s story is good, the screenplay version has a few cliches in it. The idea of making a youthful entertainer added with the father-son emotional angel is good but the character establishment scenes in the film lack proper presentation.

Instead of focusing on the hero elevation scenes, the team could have worked more on writing a better screenplay without any deviations. Yet another point to mention is that though the entire film runs in a Kalyanamandapam backdrop, the director has never bothered to show the complete view of it and wasted most of the time projecting the nameplate board. Instead, he would have shot a few key scenes in the wedding venue which could have brought some depth to the proceedings.

As above said, a few episodes between the father-son relationship are showcased nicely but the core conflict point for the clash between them has been not executed in an effective manner and looks rushed up. Overall, SR Kalyanamandapam is an emotional family drama and has a decent premise but the execution part suffers from demerits such as dragged narration and uneven screenplay.

Verdict: Execution Syndrome!!!

Rating: 2/5