Rumours about the wedding of Srija’s ex-husband

Amidst all the reports of Srija and Kalyan’s marriage, there were a few reports that surfaced which said that Srija’ ex-husband, Sirish Bharadwaj had also gotten hitched! But our trusted sources tell us that this piece of news is utter hogwash and Sirish is still single.

Srija and Sirish had eloped and married against the wishes of the Mega Family in October, 2007. All hell broke loose post that, as Srija’s relationship with her parents were hampered. Then Srija walked out of the marriage, seven years after tying the knot, alleging harassment. The two also have a child, whose sole custody was obtained by Srija.

Now, Srija is all set to start her life afresh. Here’s wishing her a happy married life.