Ruler’s latest collections: Disaster

Balakrishna has lost his charm and that is clearly seen through the collections of his latest film Ruler. The film has failed to even make 10 crores in its first week and seeing this, one can say that the film is a big disaster. Here are the detailed six-day collections.

Nizam 1.66 Cr
Ceded 1.95 Cr
Guntur 1.55 Cr
Uttarandhra 72 Lakhs
East Godavari 48.5 Lakhs
West Godavari 40.8 Lakhs
Krishna 40 Lakhs
Nelore 35 Lakhs
Karanataka + ROI 1.10 Cr
Overseas 0.54 Cr
Total WW Share 9.16 Cr