To silence his critics, Balakrishna has made sure that he loses weight and comes with a new look with Ruler. The film is out now and read on to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: Arjun Prasad played by Balayya is an orphan who is brought up by Jayasudha. He becomes an IT magnet and decided to launch a new business in Uttar Pradesh. As he lands there, things change upside down and everyone starts calling him Rudra and starts worshipping him. There is a connection between Rudra and Arjun Prasad and only Jayaudha and Bhumika, who play a key role knows it. What is all this story about will only be known when you yourself watch the film?

Performances: Balayya makes a huge transformation and has lost oodles of weight. He as the smart and rich Arjun Prasad is superb and gives what his fans want him to. But he looks horrible as Rudra as his hairstyle will only give you nightmares. Bhumika is the star and gets a very bold and emotional role that clicks. Sonal Chauhan was super hot in the bikini and has done very well. Vedhika has nothing much to do. Jayasudha was good in role like always. Prakash Raj was also good. But the villains who played key roles were not that gripping at all.


Second Half
Routine Story
Over the top scenes

Analysis: KS Ravi Kumar is always known to have some good emotions in his films but sadly, all that is missing in this film. he has got outdated with his narration and gives the film an old touch. There are so many scenes which look unrealistic and forced that the audience scratches their head many times.

The second half is boring as Balakrishna and his silly hairstyle distract the proceedings. There is no seriousness in the film as too much violence and action take center stage. Also, the twists and turns that are showcased are so old that Balakrishna himself has done that in many of his own films previously.

The love story of both the heroines is so dull that you look for your phones whenever they come. There is no freshness in the film and this is where the multiplex audience will get suffocated. But it will be a treat for fans as Balayya’s transformation is good but sadly the film isn’t.


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