RTC Crossroads to become more iconic because of these heroes

The RTC crossroads is an iconic spot in all of Hyderabad, with several theatres situated in the place, iconic ones at that. All top heroes try to watch their films in these theatres to date, thanks to the amount of audience turn up, and the top-notch technicalities involved in those theatres, from time immemorial. RTC Crossroads is now about to become more memorable, thanks to three star heroes.

We already know how successful and iconic Superstar Mahesh Babu has been at his AMB Cinemas in Gachibowli. This has led other star heroes to open up their own theatres. It is now being said that Mahesh is about to team up with Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati, for AMB Victory theatre, which is about to come up in RTC Crossroads, as a multiplex complex, in the current spot that the Sudarshan theatre is located at.

Considering the success of AMB cinemas, and the ever-busy and lively RTC Crossroads, it can’t be seen how AMB Victory will not become a very popular and hotspot in the city, making the place even more iconic, for years to come.

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