RRR’s uncertainty continues as debates begin

The shooting of director Rajamouli’s RRR, with NTR and Ram Charan in the lead roles, has been going on for nearly two years now. The film’s shoot has been affected due to many reasons, including both the waves of coronavirus. There have been several speculations that the film’s release would get postponed further after the film’s shoot was stalled due to the second wave.

However, contrary to popular beliefs, Rajamouli surprised everyone by beginning the promotions of the film and continuing to maintain that the film would be released on October 13th, including it on all of their posters. With that, fans have also started to feel happy that their favourite stars’ films would arrive on time, and that they could finally see them on the big screen.

Now, the situations seem to be tense again, with debates having begun on the release of the film. RRR is a massive film, which has been made on a pan-Indian scale. Releasing the film would mean that the promotions would have to be rigorous, and audiences from all corners of the country should be in a position to go to the theatres. Considering the current situations, this doesn’t seem much of a probability as the promotions for the film haven’t begun fully, and the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect everyone. As a result, the release of RRR still remains a mystery, and clarity is expected to arrive once Rajamouli interacts with the media after he is done wrapping up shooting for the film.

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