RRR: Telangana government hikes ticket prices

It is widely known that the Telangana government has hiked the cinema ticket pricing in December during the release of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa. After the ticket price hiked, now the multiplexes are charging Rs 295 excluding GST and single screens price is Rs 120+GST for each movie.

As the Nizam distributor Dil Raju of RRR opinion that the existing prices are not enough to recover the invested amount, he approached the government for a hike in the movie ticket prices. According, a new GO is released by the concerned authorities, the ticket prices will be 350+GST for multiplexes and single screens will be Rs 200 plus GST for first weekend.

Later, the rates will be slightly reduced for the next one week with multiplexes charging Rs 300+GST and single screens pricing will be Rs 178+ GST. Have to wait and see how far will the hiked ticket prices in Telangana benifit RRR investors.

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