RRR release: A huge gamble and a litmus test

Small films have begun to be released in theatres in the Telugu states, but big to medium films are yet to take the plunge. Audiences aren’t showing as much interest in going to theatres as of now, due to varied reasons, including the scare of the third wave of the pandemic, the lack of any exciting film in theatres, and others.

As a result, there’s no clarity over whether audiences would be interested in going to theatres until the right film, with the right kind of buzz, is released. While films with a good buzz are ready to release, the producers of these films are yet to announce the release dates of the films. In the meantime, one particular film continues to be scheduled to release on the date that was announced earlier this year.

Contrary to popular beliefs and expectations, Rajamouli’s RRR, with NTR and Ram CHaran, is scheduled to release on October 13th. The promotions for the film have also already begun, with the Dosti song that was released on August 1st, on the occasion of Friendship Day. Another promotional song is said to be in the making as well, with the entire cast involved in the song. Now that RRR is scheduled to release on October 13th, there are a lot of doubts if the film will finally manage to release as per schedule, and the turnout of the audiences at the theatre. COnsidering RRR’s budget, and the current circumstances, the film wouldn’t do very well if there’s not a good turnout, throughout the country. As a result, RRR’s release is going to be a massive risk and a litmus test to other big-budget films.

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