RRR receives controversial opinions from the West

Director SS Rajamouli’s much-awaited film RRR was released in March and received a unanimously positive talk from all corners. The film went on to become the highest grosser this year, collecting more than Rs. 1000 Crores worldwide, and started to stream on OTT platforms as well, from May 20th.

RRR became available to watch for the entire world through Netflix, which released the Hindi version of the film. Praise came pouring in from the western audience as well, but some opinions are causing some major controversy now. A lot of western audiences have opined that the relationship between Bheem and Ramaraju in RRR endorses homosexuality.

While homosexuality is not the controversy here, the fact that the western audiences are misinterpreting the message of friendship conveyed through the relationship between Bheem and Ramaraju has become the center of controversy, with fans strongly opposing the opinions, causing a debate on social media.

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