RRR International Buzz: Getting bigger by the day

Director SS Rajamouli has always managed to outdo himself with every movie of his. When he made the Baahubalif franchise, everyone in the country was taken by absolute surprise by his knack for filmmaking and the way the film resonated with everyone in the country on a level that no other film had been able to until then.

Having achieved so much with the Baahubali franchise already, everyone wondered what else the director would achieve with RRR, which was released this year. The director has now taken the world by storm, having conquered his own land. The film went on to become the highest grosser of the year in India and is now taking the international market by storm.

It seems as thought the international audience and even the media can’t stop talking about the film, with many even breaking down the top and best moments from the film. With so much buzz surrounding the film, it is safe to assume that the film has a great potential to go to the Oscars. Here’s hoping that it does.

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