RRR creating a big void in Tollywood

Big films are a huge threat for every other film, and the threat only becomes bigger when several big names are involved in a project. This is the same thing that is happening right now, with RRR scaring every filmmaker, due to the lack of clarity over its release date. RRR is a big film, made on a massive scale, which means that the film demands solid viewership from all over the country, to be able to work well at the box office, and return profits.

The film continues to be scheduled to release on October 13th this year, but almost everyone in the know is saying that the film’s release will get postponed. While some are saying that the film is going to be released for Sankranthi next year, some are saying that the film might even release in Summer 2022. As a result, there’s no clarity over when the film will arrive, due to which the release dates of several movies might be affected.

A number of big films have been announced for Sankranthi 2022, and if RRR now arrives at the same time, then it would create a major void in the industry, as the other big films would then have to rethink their release dates. A void would be created this year, as not many films are ready for release this year, with the exception of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa. With so many films scheduled for next year and no clarity over the coronavirus situation, it is now to be seen what will happen.

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