RRR benefit shows set to loot money

Director SS Rajamouli’s upcoming film, RRR, has been made on a massive budget, and it is important that the ticket prices are optimum, for the makers to be able to retrieve their investment. However, this doesn’t mean that it gives anyone the right to exploit the audience, at least in terms of ticket pricing.

This is exactly the situation right now, with the ticket prices of RRR already going up, and now, the benefit shows about to loot a great deal of money. Reports suggest that the prices of the benefit shows could go up to as much as Rs. 5000 per ticket, which is an overwhelming amount of money, for any film, no matter how big its budget.

The TFI has already been receiving a great deal of flak for increasing the ticket prices by a lot, and this is only becoming worse by the day. It is to be seen when this trend will end, and whether or not the benefit show prices for RRR would be reconsidered.

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