RRR aiming for a record release

It is no ordinary feat to release a film on a grand scale abroad, even in normal conditions, and attempting to do so, during a scenario such as the current one, is a much bigger risk. The Indian audience has been greatly shaken by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in them being cautious of going to the theatres. At a time like this, with a lot at stake, it takes a lot of planning to get the audience to the theatres.

While the Telugu audiences have been more forthcoming in the recent days, with those who haven’t been to the theatres since the onset of the pandemic going to the there’s, thanks to the roaring success of Akhanda, and the Indian audiences also being forthcoming to go to the theatres and watch films, thanks to the release of Akhanda once again, it has become clear that the audience abroad is also willing to go to theatres and watch films.

RRR is all set to release in 1,000 theatres in the US, along with releasing all over India. Given that Rajamouli has earned quite the name for himself, thanks to the immense success of the Baahubali franchise, everyone is hopeful of the film becoming a grand success.

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