Vijay Anthony has been making films with a revenue model of low budget films that can be sold in low prices and have interesting concepts. After Bicchagadu his script selection hasn’t been good and what does, Roshagadu has in store for us? Let’s find out…

Plot : Kumaraswamy (Vijay Anthony) is a good guy who became a constable to run his family. His brother doesn’t like his attitude and he gets attracted to bad side easily. Kumaraswamy tries to change him but fails.

He study’s Degree as his brother challenges him and becomes Sub Inspector. He comes to city from his village searching for his brother but he has killed him to stop him from committing a crime. He gets to know about Babji (Dheena) who is the main reason for his brother to become a criminal. He resolves to end his reign and save other children.

Performances : Vijay Anthony needs to improve as an actor. He needs to improve his screen presence, he cannot just turn up in each film with similar characters and hope that we will enjoy them. Few films need the actor to have good screen presence so that audience just enjoy the proceedings without any distracting thoughts.

Nivetha Pethuraj seems to be accepting any role that comes her way. This film and the role are too undermining for her talent. Dheena is too one dimensional and boring as the villain.

All others did try to overact as much as they can.

Technicalities : Richard M. Nathan did a decent job with camera. He did not try to many things but managed to give the film a mood and a setting. But he could have done a better job in a few scenes as the staging just did not look perfect for the kind of emotion he is going for.

Vijay Anthony as a music director he is too talented. It is sad that he is not doing many movies other than his own. For his talent, he should have been given more opportunities to score music for big films. He is trying hard to sell himself as an actor.

Ganeshaa, the writer and director of the movie, seems to have decided to make a movie no matter what about a message. He just followed the atrocious over melodrama that director Hari tends to bring into his characters sans his play with the camera. He did not let us connect with the characters before trying to say the same thing over and over again.

He did not have to just drag on saying the same thing and also, the way he wrote conflict between a police officer and a crime lord like a kid who just got to know how to write. The extreme characteristics don’t really suit the characters and we tend to doze off at a number of sequences as they don’t carry minimum weight for us to invest in them.

Analysis : Whenever you watch a film you see what is the real story that the director and writers want to say while they mix it up with many elements. Here, the story is about how children below 18 years of age are being used by some organic crime lords using the loopholes in the law.

Well, the point has been driven home by the narrator Ganeshaa before he started the main conflict. When a police tries to change his brother then there would have been even better conflict than what he created here. It just seems like a drag as emotional investment in the movie ends by the first reel. Even the fun part doesn’t work at all.

Rating : 1.5/5

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