Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review and Rating!

Rocketry – The Nambi Effect, a biographical drama on ISCRO Rocket scientist Nambiar Narayan under the direction of R Madhavan has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Set in the 90s time period, Rocketry is a biopic on the Rocket Scientist Nambiar Narayana. Nambiar Narayanan ( R Madhavan) starts his professional journey as a scientist at ISRO and eventually emerges as a Rocket scientist in no time. When is about to take the charge as ISRO chairman in 1994 all of a sudden false charges will be filed against Nambiar. Later, the cops will torch Nambiar to confess that he is doing anti-national activities. How will Nambiar Narayan fight against the system to prove his patriotism? He will get a clean chit in the unethical case? To know that, you have to watch the film in the theatres near you.

Performances: R Madhavan gave his best and tried to live in the role. Madhavan’s hard work is visible on screen and the way he moulded himself for the titular role is impressive.

Simran gets a purposeful role as Nambiar’s wife quite effectively. Her acting during the crucial second half elevates the pain in her character in an authentic manner.

Star hero Suriya who did a cameo key role in the movie is fantastic will be his screen presence. His emotionally acting during the climax portion brings depth to the entire context of the film. The man himself, Nambiar Narayan who made a special appearance during the ending portions impresses with his thought-provoking statements.

Other supporting artists who did key roles in the movie did a superb job in their limited yet crucial roles.

Technicalities: The Music by Sam CS is a major asset of the movie as it elevates the mood of the film nicely. The film has a few situational songs which are placed in the right spot but the brilliant background score from the talented musician elevates all crucial episodes in a super manner.

While the editing work by Bijith Bala is slick with the runtime kept within the limits, the cinematography work by Sirsha Ray is amazing as he took back the audience to the 90s time period with his colour coding, frames and lighting setup.

Production design work is done on a perfect note and is visible on screen. Production values for this limited-budget film are good.

Analysis: Apart from acting, R Madhavan wrote and directed this biographical drama. As an actor, Madhavan did what he could the best for the film. On the other hand, Madhavan surprises with his directional skills. The way he handled the script will definitely get universal applause.

Though Madhavan gave his best for the film, the usage of more technical terms related to Rocket science might not get universal approval. If all the ISRO and Rocket launch episodes are dealt with proper detailing in a simplified version, the chances would have been brighter for the film to connect with the masses as well

To summerize, Rocketry is a biographical drama that has a solid performance from R Madhavan. The way he handled the script might get unanimous applause from the A-center audience but might struggle to connect with the masses as it lacks commercial elements to attract them. More than theatrical, Rocketry has a high chance to get good reports when out on the digital space.

Verdict: Sincere attempt!

Rating: 3/5