Robotic romantic entertainer Bombhaat world premiere on 3rd December

Save the date – Bombhaat releasing on 3rd December only on Amazon Prime Video. It’s December and it’s time for some festive cheer! If you are in the mood for some entertaining comedy packed with romance, sci-fi, and action that can be enjoyed with the family, Amazon Prime Video has got you covered.

Bombhaat, the Telugu sci-fi romance drama directed by Raghavendra Varma, produced by Vishwas Hannurkar under the Sucheta DreamWorks Productions Banner, and stars Sushanth, Chandini Chowdary, and Simran Choudhary. Prime Members in India and across 200 countries and territories can stream the world premiere of BomBhaat on December 3 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

The trailer of the movie that was released last week has ensured the fans are ready with their tubs of popcorn and cola to enjoy the movie. You can catch the exciting trailer here: Bombhaat – Official Trailer (Telugu) | Sushanth, Chandini Chowdary, Simran Choudhary | Dec 3

Synopsis: Vicky’s been cursed with bad luck since childhood. It also affects his relationship with Chaitra. When Vicky meets Maya, daughter of Prof. Acharya who dies under mysterious circumstances, tables turn in Vicky’s favour. Shockingly, he finds out that Maya is a ‘Humanoid Robot’, being hunted by ‘The Mad Scientist’. Questions arise. Who are these intriguing characters and why?

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