RGV’s new “Dangerous” movie!

Ram Gopal Varma has no interest in making love stories or family entertainers. His action epics have earned him huge name as a director and he is staying away from Rangeela or Mast kind of films, completely. Now, he announced a film, Dangerous that could be an addition to his OTT movies. He called it the India’s first Lesbian Crime film and said that the action film will be centered on the love of these two women which is frowned upon.

The pics from the photoshoot and the film say that the director is again going for bold and slightly adult content like his Naked and Climax, again. He praised the leading ladies Apsara Rani and Naina for talking up such a project. While his films do sound interesting, the weirdness that he got accustomed to lately and the quality drop in his writing, execution doesn’t really spring a positive reaction to his film announcements in audiences. Still, he is able to make good money out of his OTT platform to invest as much as he is doing on new films. Let’s wait and see, what he has in store for us, with this one.