RGV’s Naked trailer scares people more than his horror film(s)!

We hear many people wondering why a person looses so much of his creativity or standards with age. Every person goes through a peak in life and a crest will be waiting for him, without any doubt. Ram Gopal Varma cannot be an exception but his peak is highly delightful and crest is scary. He went to the heights of creating Gangster Epics and films that are on par with Godfather, Exorcist.

Now, he is not even able to come up with good softcore porn kind of films. His Officer scared star actors to give him another opportunity, his recent films are nothing but pain to watch. With OTT swing and boom, he said he will create a world for people who like him and think alike him. If Naked is the standard he is going to set, then the subscribers for his world might be him and some weirdos.