RGV’s ‘Murder’ gets legal shock!

Ram Gopal Varma has been taking advantage of the “fictional reality” genre that he invented himself and on his own OTT platform, he started realising the low budget low quality films, one after another.

In the series, he announced Murder based on the story of Pranay and Amrutha. Miriyalguda resident Maruthi Rao ordered Murder of his own son-in-law, Pranay for marrying his child, Amrutha.

His reason was that he did not like his daughter marrying a lower caste person. He couldn’t take the humiliation from his relatives and ordered the kill. He killed himself at a hotel in Hyderabad after he got out on bail from jail.

Ram Gopal Varma announced Murder on this story. Amrutha moved to Nalgonda court under SC/ST atrocities act and the court has ordered the film team to stop production with immediate effect, on 24th August. What will RGV do now? We have to wait and see.