RGV’s Murder falls in legal pickle!

Ram Gopal Varma announced his film Murder on Father’s Day, 21st June and the move shocked many. The movie is based on the story of Pranay’s murder who was killed in front of his wife, Amrutha by her father’s goons. Amrutha’s father, Maruthi Rao couldn’t digest the fact that she married a person from lower caste and hired some killers to murder his son-in-law. The murder became sensational and many discussed about who should be blamed in this particular case, youngsters or the elderly.

Now, Ram Gopal Varma’s film will be his take on the incident and love for caste among the people of Telugu states. Amrutha’s father-in-law, moved to court against the film and said that they have all the legal rights to stop the maker from telling this story. Well, RGV already said that he took inspiration from the news story and never said that he is making the film based on them. May be this technicality will save him from having his film banned or stopped from a release.

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