RGV’s D Company Movie Review and Rating!

Senior director Ram Gopal Varma’s new film, D Company had a direct digital release on a new OTT platform named Spark OTT. Let’s check how it goes.

Story: As promoted, the film showcases the rise of a person named Dawood Ibrahim ( role played by Ashwat Kanth) in the underworld gangster kingdom. What consequences helps him to emerge as a don? His family backdrop and initial days in Mumbai? Are prominently displayed in the movie.

Performances: It is well-known that Ram Gopal Varma is a master in picking the actors, who have close similarities to the role they portray. Following the same trend, he selected Ashwat Kanth, who fits perfectly in the role of a gangster. Ashwat’s settled acting and intensity in the screen presence are perfectly captured by RGV which indeed brings a lot of depth to a few key scenes.

Other actors like Rocky Mahajan, Naina Ganguly, Irra Mor, who did the other roles in the movie are seen in the typical RGV style of acting.

Technicalities: Music by Paul Praveen is apt to the film’s mode as his background elevates a few crucial episodes.

Cinematography by V Malharbhatt Joshi lacks quality. Adding to it, most of the film runs on a dark shade and has very little scope to use various colour frames.

Editing work by Pratap Kumar Sanga is adequate. Production values for this OTT film are not up to the mark.

Analysis: Though Ram Gopal Varma promoted that he is going to showcase the unseen side and the initial days of Dawood Ibrahim while watching the film, viewers come across many template gangster and family scenes which we have already seen in many of his previous films.

Except for a few intriguing episodes that come in the process of the rise of Dawood Ibrahim, the film has nothing new to excite the viewers. The only novelty is that using real names in this real-life based movie.

Coming to the writing side, dialogues written by RGV and his team are weak and fails to add any extra mileage to the movie which also suffers largely from a flat narration.

In one word, D-Company is yet another regular attempt by senior director Ram Gopal Varma which has some engaging scenes here and there.

Rating : 1.5/5

Verdict: Works in parts