RGV poses new questions to AP government

Director Ram Gopal Varma threw a slew of questions at the Andhra Pradesh government, and at AP’s Cinematography minister Perni Nani, last week, which compelled Perni Nani to set up an appointment with RGV, so that they could meet and discuss the ticket pricing issue in the state. This discussion took place yesterday, and by RGV’s own words, no conclusion came out of it.

RGV has now once again taken to Twitter, and has posed a new set of questions to the AP government, with more intensity, and even offered up some solutions to the problems. The most pertinent question the RGV asked the government this time turned out to be the one where he pointed out that the government of Maharashtra allowed the tickets of Rajamouli’s RRR to be sold at Rs. 2,200. This is true in the case of the Inox Insignia multiplex chain in the Northern part of India, which sells tickets at such high prices.

RGV asked why is it that when a state like Maharashtra was allowing the sale of tickets at such huge prices for a Telugu director’s film, and yet, the AP government was not allowing the same for its own kin. With RGV once again at the matter, it should now be seen what will happen.

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