RGV has something interesting to say, as always!

Whether good or bad, irrespective of the kind of perception that will be thrust upon him as a person, director Ram Gopal Varma always speaks his heart out, even if it doesn’t appeal very much to the ears of the listener. He has made several such statements in the past, some putting him in very serious controversies, and yet, he continues to make such statements even now.

The latest topic that RGV found to comment on, is the divorce between Naga Chaitanya and Samantha. While not taking their names specifically, RGV tweeted an interesting line on Twitter, which reads “DIVORCE should be more celebrated than MARRIAGE because in marriage, u don’t know what u are getting into, whereas in divorce u are getting out of what u have gotten into”. He also tweeted “MARRIAGES are made in HELL and DIVORCES are made in HEAVEN”, along with “Most marriages don’t last more than even the no. of days they celebrate the event, and so real Sangeeth should happen at a DIVORCE event where all divorced men and women can sing and dance”.

While the fact that RGV has many haters for his outspoken nature is undeniable, it also cannot be denied that he has gained himself a cult following, where fans adore his statements and stand by him.

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