RGV gets trolled brutally for his Coronavirus song

RGV is a tough nut to crack as he has some clever solutions in his kitty. He is making a film on the recent rape case that happened in Hyderabad recently and is busy with the pre-production. Ever since the lockdown has begun, he is getting agitated and is making all kinds of weird tweets. Yesterday, he made an April fool tweet and got trolled brutally by the media.

He is once again in the news as he has sung a song for Coronavirus scare. The song that goes with the lyrics “Kanipinchani Purugu” is all about the pandemic corona. The unanimous talk is that the song is badly composed, badly rendered. The song started trending but the local trolls are having a field day. Some of them say ” Sample some of these comments that were posted on YouTube. “Ee Pata Vini Atmahatya Chesukunna Corona Purugu” Another one says “Ee Pata Vinte Jeevitam Meeda Virakti Ravocchu