RGV doubles the craze of Ismart Shankar

RGV is known for his controversial tweets on social media. Whenever his assistants score a success, he is the first one to enjoy those moments and he has done the same once again with the latest film Ismart Shankar.

Now that the film has been declared a lockbuster hit, RGV is unstoppable and is doing all sorts of antics. Today, he got dressed in a mass avatar and rode a bike and that too with three others and went to a single screen and watched a film on the big screen.

Since then he has been actively posting all his happiness on Twitter. His other tweets about the success celebrations where he is seen throwing Champaigne on others in the team has also gone viral now.

This has increased the buzz for the film which has already reached a safe zone in many areas. is back with a bang after a brief lull in his career.