RGV counters Amrutha’s letter about Murder!

Ram Gopal Varma on Fathers Day announced that he will be making a movie on Pranay’s murder case with the title, Murder. Natti Kumar will produce the movie and one of RGV’s assistants, Anand Chandra will direct it. He introduced cast members – Srikanth Iyengar as Maruthi Rao and Sahithi Avancha as the main leads. The film shoot has begun and the other details will be announced soon.

After the announcement, an open letter in the name of Amrutha Pranay was released and in that expressed doubts about showing her or her deceased father or murdered husband in wrong light. Also, she asked him to rest in peace. The director responded to each point in the letter with his tweets. You can read both of their points in detail below.

For those who prefer gist, RGV claimed that he doubts Amrutha wrote the letter and then said that it is just presumption to think that he is going to make a film with just one point of view on a real incident. He claimed that he never said he will show real story but said that it is based on the real incidents.

Ram Gopal Varma reacted to the open letter by Amrutha and wrote,

“MURDER film meanders between 3 moral dilemmas 1.on limit of a father’s control over his child 2.should a daughter be ignored even if she’s presumably ignorant about what’s good for her? 3.Can it be justified to take someone’s life in order to better someone else’s life?”

“I wanted to answer to a widely circulated note on the social media claiming to be written by Amrutha, that she felt like committing suicide after she came to know that I am making a film called MURDER based on her and her father’s story”

“Whether Amrutha wrote it or some jobless over enthusiast wrote it , I felt obligated to respond to it to clarify the concerns in the minds of whoever is needlessly concerned about what I will show in MURDER”

“Firstly I clearly mentioned in the poster that MURDER is based on a true story and I did not claim it to be the true story ..The news upon which my film is based upon is in the public domain for years and has been acknowledged by the various people involved.”

“The real photos I used to illustrate my point of MURDER are widely available on the internet and have not been given to me in person or in secret for me to breach someone’s trust”

“The real story on which MURDER is based upon might be out there in multiple perspectives but my own perspective of it can only be seen only after the film releases and hence its immature to presume its content . ”

“It is always a perspective as in the view of any journalist who reported it or anyone who investigated it or anyone who speculated about it and I as a film maker while making MURDER have a right to give my own understanding of it.”

“Its foolish to assume that I am going to show someone involved in a negative light because I strongly believe that nobody is bad and only bad circumstances make people look bad or make them behave bad and that’s what I intend to explore in MURDER”

“My final message to writer of the note whether it’s Amrutha or anybody else is i have the highest respect for people who endured a tremendous trauma and my sincerety in MURDER will be to respect that pain and lessen it by putting their experience in a contextual retrospective”

You can read Amrutha Pranay, daughter of Maruthi Rao ‘s, complete open statement on RGV’s Murder

“I was taking a nap today afternoon , my attamma and mamayya (pranay’s parents ) were going through stress after receiving a message which had my photograph , along with my late husband pranay and late father maruti rao posted by so called controversial film Director Ram Gopal Varma on his personal twitter account .

Both my attaya and mamayya were worried about how we gonna deal this new problem in our life. They woke me up and told to control myself before showing me the post .

As I saw the post , the first thing came into my mind is to commit suicide . My whole world turned upside down again . my heart was unable to take the pain . All these days and months from the day of the murder of my husband pranay , I struggled to live my life with self respect against the heartless society that was tearing apart my character , my life and my decision to marry a person whom I loved .

No one knows my story except the people who are very close to me .

My father was living a false life powered by his pride about his caste and the wealth he acquired . And this was the very reason he killed my husband by contract killers , who ruthlessly killed him before my eyes in broad day light while I was pregnant .

I was fighting for justice , running around courts and police stations , facing media on my face with my pregnancy and post delivery .

I died several times trying to digest the false propaganda , assassinating Panay’s character and mine in various ways through the print and electronic media .

I carry a heavy heart every day ,every night and sometimes I burst into tears when my new born kid stares at his father’s wall size photograph. I know why he stares at him , my little kid never watched his father in real life , My little kid might be in a thought that why this person never comes to me ? . And it will be a big challenge for me to make him understand the social structure we are living in and what killed his father .

And now I see a new challenge to fight against Ram Gopal Varma , for using our photographs on a public platform . I will not be surprised if he uses the photograph of my kid

It took me a a lot of time to understand that the common people who are living by caste feelings and prejudice about my life are merely uncivilized and uneducated. i never thought a film maker who gives lectures on thought process of the society on various issues of life would not give a thought about asking permission for using our photographs on twitter and also claiming to tell our story .

There are numerous messages flooding in my inbox and instagram tagging me with his post . I have suffered a lot by online abuse since the murder happened .people ask me to marry them , people ask me about my sexual life , people ask me if I am having an affair , people ask me to die .

And now bcoz of Ram Gopal Varma I am going to face many more abuses and new propaganda if I am having any affair with film producers . Wish he knows the pain of young widowed woman like me on the society.

I am trying to live a normal life with a lot of responsibility to take care of my fatherless kid. Parenting is the most important aspect of life that shapes a person , his thought process and decisions. The very reason for me to come out of my house and live with a person I loved itself shows the kind of environment I lived in my growing years and which indeed shaped my decisions.

I was shivering every minute after seeing the post of Ram Gopal Varma that he will be releasing the poster of a film based on my life story today at 5 pm . I am trying to live a peaceful life to protect my kids life and this post of Ram Gopal Varma once again pulled me into the eyes of the whole society .

I am sure you must have gained a lot of publicity without having any concern for a single mother who is going through a stressful emotional life every single day from day of murder of her husband .

I have seen the poster you released , it is no where related to my life. It’s a fake story that you want to sell by using our names . We are popular names bcoz of the injustice done to my dreams of living a beautiful life and I never thought a national level public figure like you would use it for your two minute fame .

The day I reveal my story to my kid , your photograph will be a part of it.

I pity you Mr.Ram Gopal Varma for not having a mother who could teach you the values to respect a Woman .

I am not going to give you any publicity fighting a case against you . You are just a part of this selfish, heartless, manipulative and cruel society in the name of a fake film maker , I have seen more life than you in terms of pain . Rest in peace.’

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