RGV claims to be most successful director-producer during Covid times!

Ram Gopal Varma explains his decisions with a sound logic that he can defend and only he can make some weirdest possible ideas as the best sound decisions. He said in an interview that his decision to make films during Lockdown and release them on the app, RGV World Theater powered by Shreyas ET, has been the most fruitful one in post Covid-19 pandemic struck world.

He said that he is the most successful business person and shared that he directed Nanga/Nagnam at just Rs. 2500/-. He released the movie over the last weekend and till now, he claimed that 40,000 people watched the film. So, he made Rs. 80,00,000 from the OTT release of the film. He shared that there is no better business model than OTT at this moment and he is milking the maximum amount that he can from it, as a businessman.

He also said that Climax gave him the confidence to go ahead and release Nagnam/Naked/Nanga with such a pricing. He announced Murder, Corona, Power Star films from his production house and they all will release on his app in coming few months.

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