RGV busts COVID-19 rumors

From the past few days, there have been numerous rumors regarding the ill health of maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. Rumors say that Ram Gopal Varma has been suffering from severe fever and it is being speculated that he has been affected with COVID-19. There is news that RGV’s lawyer has stated, his client has been affected with COVID-19 and cannot attend the hearing against Amrutha who has filed a complaint against the director for making a film titled Murder.

Reacting to this rumor, RGV said “Don’t believe such fake news like me getting Corona .. I am live shortly on insta with @apsara_rana_ for THRILLER”. This obviously means that RGV is healthy and hale. The other day, Ram Gopal Varma posted a workout video and said that he is fine. “Whoever was happy that I was ill, I am sorry to disappoint you guys,” said the maverick director who is busy with a handful of projects.