Renu Desai is the best mom ever, says Pawan Kalyan’s daughter

Not many are aware that Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is gracing as one of the judges for popular entertainment channel ZEE Telugu’s dance show, Drama Juniors. Meanwhile, this morning, the channel has posted a 30 seconds promo of the show upcoming episode on its social media platforms in which Pawan- Renu Desai’s daughter Aadhya made a surprise appearance.

After seeing Aadhya on the stage, Renu Desai from the judge seat ran to her daughter and kissed Aadhya. A shot on Aadhya saying her mummy is the best mom ever has been showcased in the promotional video. Looks like the channel has been planning something special for the forthcoming Mother’s Day.

Whatever may be the reason, watching Aadhya on the sets of the Television show is making Pawan Kalyan fans happy and they are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode.