Remakes and their never-ending woes

Remakes were once the safest bet for filmmakers, as they’re a tried and tested product that could not go unbearably wrong. Given that there wasn’t much exposure to films of other languages in the past, remakes were the go-to for filmmakers, when it came to making a safe investment.

With the current digital age, where OTT platforms and YouTube have transformed the way we view content, things have become very difficult for those opting to remake movies. Inevitable comparisons between the original and remake are cropping up a lot of difference, and the pressure to make a faithful remake has also increased exponentially.

This pressure has become so much that filmmakers are even reusing the same tunes for a remake, like that of the original, so that nothing goes wrong in translation. While the pressure of producers can be understood, the fact that copy-pasting everything from one language to another is becoming the focus for social media trolls. A very similar incident happened recently when popular music director Mani Sharma was trolled by Tamil audiences after Narappa’s music was the same as that of Asuran’s. Mani Sharma had even spoken publicly about how he wasn’t given much freedom and was simply asked to replicate the original’s music. Thus, remakes have become a lot more problem right now, when compared to the past.

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